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The first law of thermodynamics: Energy can be transformed, i.e. changed from one form to another, but cannot be created nor destroyed.

The second law states that the tendency of hot and cold bodies to exchange heat and move towards an even temperature. In short heat travels from warmer to colder.
See reference pictures below.
First, a little tid-bit about Refrigeration,
we start with something called the Principles of
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Papa, I showed her twice already... I just don't think she is getting it.
Ehi nonna wadda si vede una folla? hai intenzione di aiutare o cosa?
Hey grandma whadda you see a crowd? You gonna help or what?
Ok prima li piegano e li qui, noi 263 se li.
Ok , first you fold them and stack them here...we need 263 of them.
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Sono, Madeline,
Benvenuti nella mia cucina è la stanza più importante nella nostra casa famiglia.
I am Madeline.
Welcome to my kitchen, it is the most
important room in my family's home.

Ora nonna, prestare particolare attenzione alle instruzioni ingrediente l'ultimavolta e' stato un disastro!
Now grandma, pay very close attention to the ingredient instructions. Last time was a disaster.

Ehi nonna... qui... bastone con me adesso lei mi garda.
Hey grandma...over here... stick with me now. You watching me?

Finalmente finito, ci vuole semore un po 'di piu' quando lavoro con gli anzaiani.
Finally finished! It always takes a little longer when I work with the elderly.