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Money Saving Tips

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans give you the sensation that a room is cooler than it actually is by creating a breeze.
The thermostat can be moved to a higher temperature and you will feel comfortable. Make sure
to turn off the fan when leaving the room. Fans do not actually cool the air, they just move it.

Set the thermostat
The most economical operation of your system comes from setting the thermostat properly. Set
the thermostat at the highest summer setting or the lowest winter setting when you’re not home.
Typical settings are 70 degrees for winter heating and 78 degrees for summer cooling.

Programmable Thermostat
You can schedule the time your heating/A/C system operates. Your homes’ programmable
thermostat can store and repeat multiple daily settings.

Keep vents and grilles unobstructed
Arrange your furniture and drapes so that all output vents and intake grilles are free from
obstruction. This will reduce the cooling and heating load on your system for a more economical

Keep your air filter clean
The easiest way to ensure your system operates efficiently and economically is by keeping the air
filter clean. If your filter is not washable, it should be changed out every three months, to ensure
proper operation. There are several types of air filters and several possible locations for the air
filter. The larger, spaceguard filters last longer and are changed less often. If you’re not sure what
size filter you have, or where it is located, contact our office and we will gladly help you find it.

Keep doors and windows closed

Close all doors and windows to the outside. This will reduce the heating load in winter and the
cooling load in summer. Your system will operate more economically as a result.

Use the AUTO setting

Generally, it is best to set your indoor fan to AUTO. This costs less and provides better humidity
control in the summer.

Insulate air ducts

Be sure all air ducts are well insulated. Ducts should also be sealed with a vapor barrier.

Keep heat away from the thermostat

Make sure no heat-generating appliances are near your thermostat. These include lamps, TVs,
stereo and computer equipment.

Get a maintenance agreement

Make sure your HVAC system is regularly cleaned and serviced. Regular maintenance can help
lower heating and cooling bills, as well as prevent costly repairs.
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Madeline, the accountant, gives free money saving tips to her uncle Gino.

If you follow my advice, you will save money while you sleep.

Hey, what do you know? Maddie's right!

Thanks again Madeline. I Just can't wait to go to sleep tonight!

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